Following MSI 2023, Ruler Now Proudly Holds All LoL Championship Titles

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JD Gaming emerged as the Champion of MSI 2023, marking a significant milestone for the organization. With this victory, the team secured their first-ever MSI title, complementing their already impressive collection of three LPL domestic trophies. The team’s success has been consistent since 2020, excelling in the LPL and international competitions, acknowledged head coach Homme, whose full name is Yoon Sung-young.

Following their elimination by T1 in the quarterfinals of Worlds 2022 and facing challenges within the team, JDG made strategic changes to their roster for the 2023 season. They brought in Zhuo “Knight” Ding as the new mid-laner, replacing Zeng “Yagao” Qi, and added the star bot laner Ruler, replacing Hope.

This transformation and the acquisitions have evidently paid off, culminating in their victorious MSI campaign, making this year’s MSI an unforgettable chapter in JD Gaming’s journey.

They won LPL Spring to represent their area at MSI. The outstanding game and the victory demonstrates the roster’s increasing strength and Ruler as an individual since he has now won all of the major esports championship titles of League of Legends. Fans were happy to watch the complete match and make money from his amazing performance by betting on


Ruler Has Won The LCK, LPL, MSI, And Worlds.

In 2016, Ruler created a name for himself in the LCK with Samsung Galaxy. He was alongside notable players such as CuVee, Ambition, Crown, and CoreJJ. Despite facing challenges in the playoffs, the team secured a spot at Worlds. However, SK Telecom T1 the team in a close 3-2 match.

In the following years, Ruler and his team consistently placed third in both LCK Spring and Summer 2017, eventually qualifying for Worlds through regional qualifications. They had a breakthrough performance in Worlds 2017, defeating top teams like Longzhu Gaming and Team WE to reach the finals. However, they were convincingly defeated 3-0 by the opposition in Beijing National Stadium, preventing them from securing the championship.

After the team rebranded as Gen.G, Ruler kept competing in the LCK with various teams but struggled to replicate their previous success. It took five years after Worlds for Ruler to finally win his first domestic title in LCK Summer 2022, where they swept their rival organization, T1.

In 2023, Ruler made the challenging decision to join the LPL. Teaming up with JD Gaming, he achieved remarkable results. He finished first in a single split in the regular season and also in the playoffs. During MSI, JDG showcased their dominance, remaining undefeated in the upper bracket and securing the championship.

With this victory, Ruler has now accomplished a remarkable feat by winning every major esports championship held by League of Legends. His journey has been filled with ups and downs, but he has solidified his status as a veteran AD carry and champion across different regions and tournaments.

Titles Earned By Ruler Winning Year
MSI 2023
LPL Spring 2023
LCK Summer 2022
Worlds 2017

In a recent interview, Ruler revealed that he had considered retirement before joining JD Gaming, feeling that he had been playing for a long time. However, he soon realized he still had the talent and drive to continue. He shared that the thought of retiring did cross his mind, and he initially planned to play for another year or two before stepping away. However, he ultimately concluded that he was too excellent to stop and decided to continue his professional career.

“Ruler” or Park Jae-hyuk was formerly known as Bung. He is a well-known LoL player currently playing as the bot laner for JD Gaming.

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