Ford’s Self-Driving Cars With An Amazing Night Vision

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Ford's Self-Driving Cars

Ford just proved as much with its fleet of self-driving Fusion cars. They can now navigate the Arizona desert in pitch black conditions – hardly something you’d want to attempt yourself.

Lidar normally works by flashing lights and mapping the reflections in real time within the car to create a path, highlighting any obstacles on the road. Ford’s doing it without any visible light, proving its sensors are up to the job of keeping you safe on the roads.

Similar sensors were used in early self-driving prototypes from Tesla and Audi, but it turned out rain was disrupting the lenses – rendering them relatively useless.

Ford’s already proved it can handle a spot of snow at its winter testing ground in Detroit, and this latest test shows it doesn’t actually need daylight to keep on the straight and narrow.

It’s been enough for the company to triple its self-driving fleet, which are edging ever closer to a proper release.


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