Forget Xbox And PS5, Get KFC’s Finger-Licking KFConsole

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KFC began the KFC Gaming channel on Twitter and Instagram, probably “for the memes.” Now, KFC started the console war…. drumroll please… the KFConsole.

It’s just a teaser for now, but KFC ensures that its console will do 4K at 120 FPS. KFC doesn’t share additional specs, but the fast-food chain also teased that it comes with a chicken chamber on the top for all your chicken needs and cross-platform compatibility which is a most needed option, with the former calling out that this isn’t a serious try at a new gaming platform.

I don’t think KFC will make a console, Probably not, but this is an utterly brilliant marketing tactic, leveraging the Xbox and PS5 hype to build what is basically a glorified air fryer. That’s what it looks, right? And the cross-platform compatibility, that means it’ll also do french fries, am I right?

Whatever this thing is, KFC will surely sell a lot of them.

The teaser ended with the date 11.12.2020, so we’ll discover more in November. So excited!


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