Fortnite Battle Royale Guide

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If you have never heard of Fortnite Battle Royale before, you may be living under a rock. Even those who don’t play video games have heard of this game because it’s simply all over the Internet. Everyone is talking about this; it’s what everybody is waiting for. It seems that even the most casual of gamers have played this at least once.

As the title says, it is a battle royale game or video game genre that is both a survival and last-man-standing gameplay. You get to play with other players with the goal of being the last player alive by the end of the game. You either kill other players or evade them and let others kill them for you. The goal is to survive while constantly staying inside a shrinking safe zone.

This free-to-play video game is available on almost all platforms. You can play this with a PC or with a console. You can use the Xbox One or Playstation 4. You can even choose between Microsoft Windows and macOS. What you can’t use for now—emphasis on for now—is Android. A version of this is expected later this year, but there’s no specific launch date yet. And when Fortnite is finally released on Android, expect its popularity to even soar higher.


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