FORTNITE Currently Available To Cross Play Between PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

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It is a bold move that will either end up in a dream come true for the gaming society or an all-out legal battle about contract violations, Fortnite currently has the ability to play cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4. Reddit has been sharing this video as proof that the cross-play is real. This is real! and I still can’t believe it.

Did you notice the name? That’s an unlikely name to create on PS4 because of the space in the tag as PSN users are forced to make an underscore if they want to have space in their name. Many people will now go online and try to replicate the stuff and give more proof. Still, it’s good to be doubtful of this one as one can’t even begin to describe how Sony will react if they find out today that one of the games on their console is cross playable with an Xbox One, They might potentially getting their game dropped from the console.

Source: Eurogamer


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