FORTNITE Didn’t Release Any Star Wars Items on Star Wars Day

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May 4th is recognized as Star Wars day. it’s just the day before Cinco De Mayo. and with it, Epic is bringing the Star Wars-themed items back to the game. Instead of seeing new Star Wars items from a galaxy far far away that had been in the news throughout the internet, on Star Wars Day, we get Batman.

Now, Batman is my beloved superhero and this new Batman Zero set, is brilliant. I just wish that it didn’t come out today though. It just feels like a huge letdown when you compare it to loading the item shop with Star Wars goodies.

There are also a lot of comments on the tweet that revealed this new Batman set. Of course, most are funny memes having fun at Epic’s release date choice. People like myself are not happy and no one is sure why they felt that this was the greatest day to release the new Zero set.

It’s also weird and stupid that there wasn’t a single Star Wars item in the shop and what’s even weirder is that the Fortnite Twitter account didn’t even recognize the holiday at all. It’s just all-around eerie.

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