FORTNITE Mobile Is Making $2 Million Per Day

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Fortnite is unquestionably one of the most popular games on the planet right now and my niece and nephews are the latest addicts of the game. The game has been available on all gaming platforms, but it shows that the most of its profits are coming from smartphones.

Fortnite is a free-to-play game on mobile, the game’s profit comes from microtransactions. According to a report by mobile analytics company Sensor Tower, the iOS variant of Fortnite was able to collect in an average of $2 million per day over a 10-day period after the launch of Season 5 this month. The amount is a slight increase from the game’s reported daily average of $1.2 million since its start in iOS on March 15 until the end of Season 4 on July 11.

Sensor Tower also announced that the game reached an average of $3 million daily, which is a new record in the history of the game. This figure is a significant increase, from the past record amounting to $1.9 million on May 1 for the start of Season 4.

Moreover, Sensor Tower estimates that the game has already brought more than $150 million in revenue from just the mobile version alone. It is worth remembering that Fortnite’s mobile profits are only from the iOS version as the Android version is still not out yet! So more money coming soon for Sensor Tower

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