Fortnite Nintendo Switch Bundle Release Date and Perks Revealed

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Fortnite Nintendo Switch Bundle

If you love Fortnite and want some in-game perks, we have some amazing news for you. You already know that back in June, Fortnite fans had the game hit the Nintendo Switch. But the news keeps getting better. Starting October 5th, fans of the battle royale shooter can pick up a Nintendo Switch bundle featuring special items from the game.

The set will cost you the same price as a regular Nintendo Switch console, $300. At that price, obviously you won’t be getting a custom-designed console, but you will get the red and blue Joy-Con version at least. As for perks, there are several that players should love. This set comes with 1,000 V-Bucks which is the in-game currency, and the Double Helix set, which is a unique Character Outfit.

There’s also a Pickaxe, Glider, and Back Bling. Not too shabby as far as perk go. And since the bundle is the same price as the standard Nintendo Switch, it isn’t costing you any extra money. The game itself is free to download on any Nintendo Switch console and will remain free to play even after the launch of the Switch’s online service. This is a very decent bundle.


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