Fortnite Season 7 Has Started And So Is The Alien Invasion

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Fortnite Season 7

For a game that already has time travel, extradimensional cubes, mech fights, and nude bananas, you’d think an alien invasion would be irrelevant for Fortnite. And yet, coming today, Season 7: Invasion has set UFOs free across the island for a new bout of extra-terrestrial warfare.

Starting off earlier today, Invasion’s most important additions are these flying saucers. Flying across the game map taking pot-shots at players, shooting one of these down, or otherwise getting in one will let you get behind the wheel—turning those alien guns on your foes.

Those UFOs also drop Nuts & Bolts when destroyed, which can be used to improve weapons (turning an assault rifle into a burst AR, for example). This is besides a full host of new aliens and experimental weaponry scattered around the map.

Check out the fun trailer below:

There’s this season’s battle pass as well. The huge thing this time around is a customizable “Kymera” outfit, opening parts to create your own alien throughout the season. The trailer also certainly lifts the lid on that Rick n Morty crossover, with a Rick skin that’s pushing the boundaries on the cartoon shader Fortnite has been toying with for a while and I have to say it looks wild! He’s joined by Superman, who fills in this season’s role as the “good” alien.

While not shown off explicitly, Season 7 should also produce a significant graphics overhaul to Fortnite. Playing on “Epic” settings should now show off some more elegant smoke, water, fire, and particle effects in the game, alongside advanced post-processing and shadows.


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