Fortnite Twitch Streamer Shaves Head For $2,500

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Fortnite Twitch Streamer

In a recent incident that garnered attention in the gaming community, a popular Fortnite streamer decided to make a drastic change to his appearance in exchange for a generous donation from a viewer. However, this unexpected act of generosity took an unfortunate turn when the viewer ultimately revoked the donation.

The streamer in question is Lacy, a 20-year-old content creator who has been actively producing content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube since May 2020. Lacy’s impressive growth in popularity is evident from his 9,000 YouTube subscribers and nearly 83,000 Twitch followers, solidifying his position as one of the fastest-growing Fortnite players, as reported by TwitchTracker analytics.

On June 18, Lacy initiated an uncapped subathon, a livestreaming marathon that continues for as long as the streamer receives bits, Twitch’s proprietary currency. Throughout the marathon, Lacy engaged in various activities, including playing Epic Games’ immensely popular battle royale shooter, Fortnite, and watching YouTube videos. However, during the third day of the subathon, Lacy was confronted with an unsettling revelation: the top donor, who had generously gifted him 251,092 bits (equivalent to approximately $2,510 USD), decided to retract the donation.

The news of the refunded donation was shared by esports journalist and Twitch watchdog, Jake Lucky, via a tweet on June 26. Despite having shaved his entire head, including his eyebrows, as promised during a stream on June 20, Lacy expressed his disappointment and frustration. He questioned whether he should continue the subathon, feeling disheartened by the viewer’s sudden change of heart.

In a Twitter direct message exchange with Kotaku, Lacy disclosed that he followed through with his commitment and shaved his head on June 21, even coloring the growing peach fuzz pink. Bewildered by the donor’s actions, Lacy explained that the individual did not provide any explanation. Furthermore, the donor deactivated their Twitch account, blocked Lacy on Twitter and Fortnite, and similar incidents were reported by other streamers who received significant donations followed by refunds from the same person.

Despite feeling attached to his hair, which he considered his most appealing feature, Lacy remained dedicated to his viewers and vowed to keep his word, regardless of whether the money materialized. Nevertheless, he openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his new appearance, finding it uncomfortable to be seen in public with his current look.

The motives behind the donor’s decision to revoke the donation remain unclear, although they later made a symbolic contribution of one dollar. Nevertheless, Lacy’s chat community rallied behind him, providing additional support by sending extra bits to compensate for the vanished $2,500. Each bit donated extended the duration of Lacy’s streams, and as of now, he has been marathoning for nine consecutive days, with four more days to go at the time of this writing. If you’re interested, you can tune in to witness Lacy’s ongoing streaming marathon and show your support.

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