Fortnite Will Feature Geralt of Rivia In Chapter 4

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Fortnite Geralt of Rivia

Fortnite is the greatest battle Royale as the prime audience on Twitch was increased by 70%, thanks to Fortnite. However, the game was losing its player base very fast. But when we thought the era of Fortnite was over, a surprise is revealed.

Geralt of Rivia is the protagonist of The Witcher series. As stated in the tweet, the character is coming in chapter 4 and will be available as a battle pass mid-season unlock. 

Geralt of Rivia is loved by the fans, and this might bring back the lost number of players in the past few months. Moreover, not only is this famous character coming in chapter 4, but Hulk, Mr. Beast, and Doom Slayer will also be in the game.

Everyone is aware of The Hulk as he is one of the main cast in Avengers, and such characters can’t be easily forgotten. Mr. Beast, the most famous YouTuber, might have hinted at his new skin coming to Fornite. The skin is likely because of the new nerf gun he released yesterday.

Doom slayer is the protagonist of most titles in the Doom video game franchise. So, different fans from different will be excited about this news as chapter 4 has brought some awesome things.

Three mentioned characters are verified in the trailer, but Mr. Beast wasn’t confirmed in it because Epic Games already confirmed that Mr. Beast Burger and Fortnite would cooperate. So, it could be anything, but all three mentioned above are confirmed.

It was also revealed in the trailer that a pickaxe has the same color scheme as All Might from My Hero Hero Academia, and we can see Deku (Midoriya) using smash on a building. So, the unveiling is amazing, and it is given that the chapter of Fortnite is going to be great.

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