FORTNITE’s Chapter 2 Is Concluding Next Week

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Fortnite season 2 is wrapping up early next month, Epic Games has unveiled that the season’s end will also coincide with the end of the latest chapter of the game’s battle royale mode. The announcement comes by way of a brief teaser video released to social media earlier today and exposes the date, time, and name of the season-ending event.

On December 4th, 2021 at 4 PM ET, Fortnite’s second chapter will come to a close in a predictably cataclysmic event featuring Season 8’s central villain, the Cube Queen. She can be seen in the teaser charging up some sort of spell at the top of the pyramid she built in the center of the game’s map.

Fortnite’s first chapter ended with a literal bang, destroying the existing map and knocking the game offline for two days before Chapter 2 officially began. Chapter 2 also saw Fortnite dive further into the multiverse with characters like the Mandalorian, Master Chief, Kratos, and a slew of Marvel heroes joining the battle.

Cubed, has revolved around Cubes crashing onto the island and spreading a corrupting influence across its surface. Roughly halfway through the season, the central Cube exploded to reveal the Cube Queen, a villainous figure who has erected a strange pyramid in the middle of the island. Her influence will feature heavily in the Chapter-ending event, dubbed The End.

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