FORTNITE’S Epic Games Brings A Whole New Chapter

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Fortnite’s huge, chapter-ending event Fractured has arrived, destroying the island and starting some extended maintenance for the game. The event was the conclusion of the conflict with the Herald, a mysterious person who had been slowly encasing the whole island in chrome. In the last stand at the Reality Tree, a stalwart band of heroes fell to the Herald’s attack, and the island was totally consumed.

Some Loopers (the in-game term for player characters) managed to flee the island on the floating ruin of recognizable points of interest. This is where the bulk of Fractured took place, as players were tasked with finishing a series of strange quests to help restore the Zero Point. At the same time, Paradigm worked to construct a new island from disparate parts.


In the last move, Paradigm stitched pieces of many realities together to create the island we’ll all be hopping into when Chapter 4 releases. The brief teaser at the end of the event is complete with hints about what we can expect when the next season starts. Mr. Beast, the Hulk, and a Cacodemon from the DOOM franchise are just a few of the new characters and cosmetics coming to Epic Games’ pop culture mashup.

Fracture starts off a packed Chapter 3 for Fortnite that included island hopping, a war with a secret organization, and new mechanics like swinging, sprinting, and evolvable weapons. It also expanded on the licensed partnerships with new characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Evil Dead, and even Destiny 2 joining the battle.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 will start on December 4th, 2022, and will be incorporated in a free update. Fortnite is available for free on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC via the Epic Games Store, and mobile via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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