Fortnite’s New Season Takes Down Building and Adds Doctor Strange

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Fortnite new season is upon us, and this one is strange. Developer Epic Games is releasing Chapter 3: Season 2 of the long-running battle royale, and it’s called Resistance; a story trailer features a number of competing forces duking it out on the Fortnite island, along with a sorcerer from the famous Marvel universe.

Before the season’s official announcement, Epic said that it would donate two weeks of its Fortnite proceeds to support Ukraine-related humanitarian efforts. This will last from March 20th through April 3rd.

The season makes a few major changes to the game. The most extreme is that at least right now, the building has been “wiped out,” taking out one of the most distinct aspects of Fortnite play. To balance this out, players now have an additional shield — called an “overshield” — for defense. Other changes include a variety of quicker sprinting and climbing that makes for parkour-like movement, the addition of blimps to explore and tanks to drive, as well as some new guns. And if players donate enough gold over the course of the season, they will unlock a drivable version of the famous battle bus, it looks like Mad Max.

In addition to the modifications to the game and island, the new season’s battle pass also adds some of the unlockable characters for those who purchase it. The most notable is Doctor Strange — who will be coming back to theaters in May — and he’s joined by new faces with names like The Imagined and The Origin.

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