FORTNITE’S New Update Will Let You Thank The Bus Driver

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Fortnite released update 5.30 that introduced a vast plethora of new content and modifications in the game. One of the most obvious differences added to the game is the ability for players to thank the bus driver before jumping off to the playing field.

The addition of the “Thank the Bus Driver,” wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes but players were able to instantly notice the feature as soon as they play the updated version of the game. Players can express their thanks by pressing a specific button—depending on the platform—and a message will display on the lower-left corner of the screen saying “[Player name] has thanked the bus driver.”

Thanking the bus driver doesn’t change how players play the game, but it is a significant change after a few fans of Fortnite previously petitioned this feature. You can check out all the changes in the game via the detailed patch notes here.

Fortnite is now available on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android devices.

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