FORTNITE’s No-Building Mode Allows New Gamers To Annihilate The Fanbase

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Epic Games have turned the gaming industry upside down with its live service design of the wildly popular free-to-play Battle Royale. Fortnite has come a long way from being an afterthought side project to becoming the greatest title in recent gaming history. It’s clear that Epic Games has got huge success with this giant game and it’s even more amazing that they have been able to maintain it throughout the years. With the recent release of the latest Season update, Fortnite is now undergoing changes that have been requested since day one.

The fact that the no-building mode totally takes out the power to construct structures absolutely changes the way you play Fortnite! Suddenly, heights and landscapes now become a strategic tool or a complete strategic hindrance depending on the situation. Players have to think before traversing the map since fall damage is still present and one can not simply build a stairway to safety.

So, you spent hours binding your “build” hotkeys? Or maybe you watched the zillions of Fortnite build tutorials on YouTube and have just recently been able to construct a semi-decent single-family home? Well, that’s too bad because this no-build mode is dumping that trash out and replacing it with solid, fair, and competitive gameplay..

In-game landmarks are now more important than ever because this new mode forces players to utilize their surroundings for defense and plan their way to survival. Situational awareness is no longer an afterthought since one can not simply build their way out of a fight.

One of the most controversial takes on this new update is the fact that “sweaties” can no longer build their gargantuan fort in two-point-five seconds to completely dodge incoming fire. They must utilize the environment around them, but it really comes down to aiming skills rather than “building” hotkeys. This is much appreciated because it allows newbies Fortnite players, like myself, to rely on my wits and years of shooting game experience.

A Battle Royale game that has fully destructible structures, vast vehicles, and weapon selections, and a focus on squad gameplay make it a must-try for anyone who hasn’t given it a go recently… or ever.

Fortnite definitely is doing something right when it comes to live service structure and making fans happy! This new update could help it garner that hardcore rep it failed ages ago to the likes of Warzone and Apex Legends. It all depends on how Epic resumes to develop the game and keep providing unique experiences for its gamers.

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