FORTNITE’S Winterfest Event Starts With The MCU’s Spider-Man And MJ!

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FORTNITE'S Winterfest Event

Fortnite announced the annual Winterfest event! The festivities started off on (Dec 16) at 9 am ET and will run through January 6th, 2022 at 9 am ET, getting players a bunch of surprises to help encourage players into the holiday spirit.

The event comes with 14 presents to unwrap from Sgt. Winter, free of charge. Players can also get to see new festive Outfits, icy items, and the arrival of MCU’s Spider-Man (No Way Home) and MJ (No Way Home) Outfits, which just hit the shop at 7 pm ET!

FORTNITE'S Winterfest Event

In-Game Rewards:

  • The Winterfest Lodge re-opens and allows for Sgt. Winter to divvy out 14 presents over the course of the event, which include two Outfits (Krisabelle and Polar Peely) and a third outfit that can be unlocked in a secret way. As each day players will be allowed to open a single gift, if you miss one, don’t fret because any missed days can be redeemed up until the end of the event.

Winterfest Quests:

  • Besides presents, players can also engage in some winter-inspired challenges. Every day Sgt. Winter will announce a new Winterfest Quest which can be viewed on the “Quests” page. Each one comes with an XP reward worth its trouble too. Additionally, players can also unlock the Snowmando Board Glider, Frosty Back Bling, and more as they complete Winter’s quests.

Winterfest Creative Islands:

  • The Creative mode also gives the holidays some love via Fortnite’s Winter creator callout. Clicking on the Winterfest tab located next to the “Discover” tab will give you more info on what’s to expect. Playing at least 2 full hours across the Creator-mode content will knab players the Ol’ Cracky Emoticon, the Llama Deerest Spray, and the Merry Marauder Banner & 2022 New Year’s Banner

For more details on Fortnite’s Winterfest or the new Spidey content, visit the official Fortnite blog here!

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