Forza 8 Will Come With Realtime Ray Tracing With a Night and Day Cycle

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Forza Motosport 8

Forza Motosport 8 is bringing a number of compelling new features including real-time ray tracing and an all-new career mode according to today’s Forza Monthly live stream.

The new details come from the game’s Creative Director, Chris Esaki. According to Esaki, the game will come with a full night and day cycle and weather forecasts for all tracks. These will only be improved by the game’s realtime ray tracing. These tracks, whether they’re new or returning, have been created from the ground up for this game of Forza.

The weather aspect will also decide how you drive affecting things like traction, grip, and more. To make it even more dynamic, tires in-game have been upgraded to include eight contact points. Forza Motorsport 7’s tires only included one, according to Esaki.

In terms of gameplay, players can expect an all-new career mode and a racing weekend-style multiplayer with numerous steps to achieve like practice, qualifiers, and the final races.

We got a peek a few days ago at the upcoming game during the Xbox Showcase. The trailer featured stunning cars on hyper-realistic tracks. The trailer also had an emphasis on improved graphics, physics, and vehicle destruction.

There is currently no release date for Forza 8 but it will come out sometime in 2023.

Forza Motosport 8

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