Forza Horizon 5 is Bombarded With Jeeps That Can Be Sold For Millions.

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Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon 5, a game all about collecting and racing a diverse collection of cars, is getting blasted by hundreds of the same jeep. Whether you want it or not, you may soon open a barn door in Mexico to find a 1940s Willys Jeep, a gift from a random player using a smart trick to farm money and in-game rewards.

Found out by WindowsCentral, players have figured out that you can get Super Wheelspins by buying a cheap vehicle like the Willys Jeep, spending a few points on its upgrade tree to unlock a Super Wheelspin, and just repeat the whole process.

When you look at the payout of all this work, it’s hard to resist stocking up on cut-price Willys: the Jeep costs just 40,000 credits, and a single Super Wheelspin is guaranteed to make your money back and there will be more, whether through cash prizes or valuable cars.

But what are players to do with dozens of military jeeps that have no buyers on the auction house? Many are offloading their clunkers on other players using Forza’s new gifting feature. Gifting is meant to be a beneficial way to give away a car you’re not using, but the flood of Willys Jeeps suggests that you’re unlikely to get anything else right now.

Predictably, the Willys Jeep has quickly become the face of the Forza Horizon subreddit. Some are happily using the exploit to fill their bank accounts and quickly buy up Horizon’s priciest cars, some are a bit miffed at how the Willys is corrupting the gifting system, and others are simply having fun with this little joy in the fact that a novel military jeep from the 1940s is making such excitement in a game where supercars rule the roads and the game.

Game Pass players receiving their first gift drop from ForzaHorizon


I expect developer Playground games at least to step in to restrict how many jeeps can be sent to players because I’ll start ignoring these “gifted” cars until the Willys Jeep madness dies down.

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