Four Things to Know Before You Monitor the Instagram of Your Child

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What to Know When You Monitor Instagram

Instagram: it has become one of the most dominant social media sites of the decade and doesn’t look to slow down as the 2020s kick-off. It has become one of the most popular social media sites for youth and continues to grow. This makes parents everywhere wonder what the best way is to make sure their children are safe. Social media is a technology, it is important to remember, that has changed the world beyond recognition in a short time span. How do parents monitor and make sure their children are safe in such a changed world? It’s a new challenge that parents are looking to address: how do you monitor Instagram? Here are four things to think about when looking for how to appropriately monitor the Instagram of your child.


Personal Privacy Matters

Don’t push yourself too far on their personal privacy, even though so much may feel secret to you. You want to make sure they feel like you are respecting them as a person and trust them. You want to find an approach that makes sure that you only have the information that you need without violating their personal privacy. After all, when you monitor their Instagram it should be to make sure they’re safe and not being exposed to people or images they shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be to monitor their whole lives.


What Methods Does the Application Use?

You should review all the different methods that applications use to monitor. There are a number of different approaches that can be taken. Some of these approaches are more intrusive than others, it is important to acknowledge what method optimizes the privacy of your child while also keeping your mind at ease. Make sure to look at many different options applications provide before deciding on what works for you. Methods of monitoring range from blocking certain uses of the application, monitoring messages and photos, even to applications where machine learning monitors trends to notify you of any possible issues.


Does Your Child Learn?

While you are taking steps to ensure that your child safe is important you also need to help them learn how to keep themselves safe. This is an important part of however you choose to monitor the Instagram of your child; part of keeping them safe is helping them learn for the future. You want to find an application that does not restrict the operations of a child but keeps them safe while opening up avenues for conversation if they do experience an issue.


Data Security is Paramount

When using an application that monitors accounts it will inevitably have access to a large amount of information on your child. Although laws like COPPA are intended to protect children’s data, it’s important to make sure that any app you use is up-to-date with the regulations in your country, and that you are aware of what can and cannot be done with both your child’s data and your data as an adult end-user of a monitoring app.

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