Four Tips On How To Add Fun To Your Workout

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Physical fitness is a process that takes time to achieve your desired physical stamina and maintain it. It may be hard, but if you have determination, then it will surely be worth it. Regular exercise reduces the risk of contracting heart disease, some cancer types, regulates body weight and prevents type two diabetes, lowers the risk of contracting osteoporosis, and enhances lung and muscle function. Added advantages include reducing anxiety levels and preventing depression. Research suggests at Best Essay Help that working out releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural stress relievers. In summary, workout makes you feel good, and it’s also fun.

Are you not buying that? A study shows that less than 5% of adults partake in 30 minutes a day at least of physical activity. The facts and figures can be annoying sometimes. It doesn’t matter who works out or not, but it is suitable for your body and mind. Workouts shouldn’t be tiring or tedious. Below are some four methods of adding fun to your regular workout sessions.


  1. Incorporate music into your workout. 

Whether you’re, running, power-walking, or lifting weights, music helps improve your performance and converts any strenuous activity into a simple task. Fabio Comana says that music helps a person coordinate their workout. For example, if the lyrics of a song features words like “cut,” “push,” or “punch,” they reinforce an aspect of a technique.

The beats in the type of music you choose to listen to may also affect your workout’s synchronization. Fabio advises that the music’s tempo should reflect your workout type. A Beat Per Minute calculator can help you determine a song’s BPM and help you chose the best song for the kind of workout you’re doing. These are sample guidelines for speeds you should look for:

Warm-ups: BPM range between 100 and 110,

Strength exercises: BPM range between 110 and 120,

Endurance, agility, and speed exercises: BPM higher than 120, and

Stretching: 90 to 100 BPM.

Be cautious to avoid too much dependence on TV or music as it can distract your exercises.


  1. Head outside.

There is no scientific reason to jog outside, but the joy you will derive from being in free space with an abundant supply of air is incomparable to treading on a mechanical mill indoors. Exercising outdoors releases tension, depression, and anger. Similarly, it increases engagement by making participants feel energized more. Ellen Miller says that your experience enriches when you are outside.

You do not have to do extreme activities like climbing the steepest hill or rowing a rapid river to get in shape from outdoor activities. Hiking for about an hour can burn approximately 500kCal—the same amount of time snowshoeing burns 500kCal. Miller suggests detaching from electronic gadgets and into the physical world where you can absorb the smells, sights, and sounds.


  1. Be your cheerleader.

Encourage yourself and stay around people who have a positive vibe who inspire you to intensify your workout routines. New research found out that athletes gain motivation from happy faces when they are in a race. Sad faces drain their energy and spirit, and they end up exhausted earlier. Chanting encouraging words when working out also boosts your productivity. You become mentally excited to overcome any challenge physically. As the saying goes, what the mind perceives, the body shall receive. Encouraging yourself can also be in terms of setting a price after meeting a specific goal you set for yourself. For example, you can reward yourself with a gift after achieving a goal of 10,000 steps a day.


  1. Buddy up.

Exercising with your significant other will boost your performance significantly. Recent research found that people were more likely to work out if their husbands/wives did. However, it does not have to be your spouse who helps you power through an exercise. Friends or other family members can also be your training partners. The reason is that as humans, we tend to thrive well when we are around others. Comana says that having a partner brings collaboration, camaraderie, accountability, and sometimes friendly and healthy competition. The goal of the exercise is to keep fit or maintain shape; having a partner will always remind you of your goals and push you to meet them.


Working out is a personal decision. You can start this journey and also have fun along the way to meeting your desired results.

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