FPS Dino Shooter SECOND EXTINCTION Will Be Available To Xbox Game Pass

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This is one loved game that got the positive early access that originally released on Steam in October 2020, Second Extinction is ready for the Game Pass. Systemic Reaction is releasing their game on April 28th to Xbox One and Xbox Series via the Xbox Game Pass. This release will bring all the content which is available on the Steam Early Access version of the game to Xbox users.

Players are split into teams of up to three players against hordes of dinos in fast-paced action across Earth’s post-apocalyptic wastelands. Squad up with a variety of powerful weapons and fight on your own or with buddies against frightful dinosaurs long thought extinct, but are now changed into something even deadlier! The War Effort is Second Extinction’s community-driven global metagame: by completing missions and ventures around the world, you’ll directly influence the threat level and difficulties players face.

After the release of the game, it has grown through regular content updates led by community feedback, including new weapons, challenges, dino mutations, War Effort development events, gameplay enhancements, and more. As the game proceeds to grow on Steam, it will grow on Xbox. Now, the community of players giving feedback to enhance the game is going to expand, so this raises the chance of the final version of the game being brilliant fun, and engaging.



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