France – the Face of FIFA 22

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FIFA is one of the best online football gaming experiences you can ever ask for. The game’s popularity has spread the world over and in the short time people have had access to FIFA 22, there have been over 11 million registered people. This is only a start as FIFA 21 managed to clock in the impressive 25 million active players worldwide, making it one of the defining gaming experiences for football fans out there. Even though EA is considering rebranding one of its flagship products, the passion for the football simulator is unlikely to peter out.  One of the countries that love FIFA in all of its iterations is none other than France. French players are some 1.3 million strong and they seem to have an appreciation for the football simulator like many other nations out there. Because of this and the fact that France is one of the global football powerhouses, it’s not at all surprising that Kylian Mbappé is the face of FIFA 22.


The Growth of FIFA Esports in France

France is a gaming nation. Whether it’s sports or esports, you will find French players to be some of the best out there. France is one of the nations in Europe that loves to place a bet on the competition. In fact, online sports betting in France during the 2018 World Cup soared to the point where billions of bets were raked in.  The country is now opening to esports betting, too, and this is not a coincidence. There are many gamers in France, some 8 million in fact and they are all very passionate about gaming, not just FIFA. As a result, gaming has a pivotal place in French society and betting is naturally a favorite pastime. But more important than any betting is the fact that people are able to play their favorite games. France has distinguished itself in numerous competitions around the world, and particularly in:

  • FIFA 21/22
  • Rocket League
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike
  • Overwatch
  • Valorant

As we can see, the country is not laser-focused on FIFA although the player base for the game clearly suggests as much. Instead, there are many gamers who have a lot of fun trying some of the best video games that exist these days.  The competitive scene is developing quickly in France and that is a good thing for gamers who enjoy gaming on FIFA and any other title for this matter. However, EA has been putting in a lot of effort to make sure that the game remains competitive and things have been looking up for everyone. Actually, EA is trying to catch up to League of Legends numbers for its FIFA eWorld Cup with the goal being of clocking in 100 million unique viewers occasionally. While this will surely take some trying, Electronic Arts are fully behind the idea of backing the game in its competitive forays.  Signing someone like Mbappé is definitely a huge help as the young footballer is known the world over which gives him a special place in the minds and hearts of fans. It’s not that France is the face of FIFA 22. As things are, France is the face of football the world over. If this means that FIFA 22 manages to outsell its predecessor in the country and beyond, that is good news for any of us who has been looking forward to competitive play all these years!


Mbappé: FIFA 22’s Cover Boy

Every year, Electronic Arts choose a different player to feature on its award-winning series. Footballers like Ronaldo and Messi have appeared on the cover more than once across numerous platforms but the 22 title goes to France and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) footballer Kylian Mbappé. Actually, FIFA 22’s predecessor, FIFA 21, is one of the best-selling games in France of all time. Compared to many other popular games, the game has sold 1,324,568 units as of September 2021, making it one of the best-grossing titles.

While some players have sought the honor to show their face on the game’s cover this is not exactly the case with Mbappé. The player was chosen because of his impressive career as a capable young ace in one of the best-known football teams in the world. Yet, it’s not just that.  There can hardly be a better pick for the FIFA France gaming scene than Mbappé. The footballer, who enjoys playing video games himself, is not only capable of performing well in live games – he is also marked by qualities such as humbleness and a determination to help his team win, whether through personal performance or following PSG’s instructions closely.

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