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Smartphones are becoming much less like mobile phones and more like app machines. We have apps for everything: you can shoot pigs with angry birds, take cartoon-like photos, and you can even use apps to make phone calls with your phone – revolutionary. Not only have we invented apps that can make calls, but we can also do so without it costing us a dollar. In fact, there are quite a few of these free calling apps out there and so we decided to create a list of the best ones for you.

What does ‘free’ actually mean?

Before we study the free calling apps, let’s examine the definition of free. The apps listed below will require an Internet connection to work. This means that you could be paying for the data, depending on your service provider and contract. You might want to opt for service providers like Amaysimoffering best deals on data packs. If you want to make it completely free, then find a location with a free Wi-Fi connection and get calling!

1. Google Hangouts

Available: Android and iPhone

Google Hangouts is a great, free video-calling app to download and due to most people owning a Google account these days, the app is a clever choice. Since the calls are only free from one Hangout user to another, you are sure to find people who can quickly set up the system if they aren’t already using it with their Google login.

You are also able to use the app for calling regular phone numbers, but it will have a small fee attached. The app allows you to add up to 10 friends to a single video conversation, making conference calls easy.

2. Skype

Available: Android and iPhone

Skype is perhaps the most well known free calling service, as it’s been among the first of its kind. Skype’s advantage over some other apps on the list is its availability on multi-platforms. You can find it for nearly all of the current mobile operating systems, but it also works on computer operating systems like Windows and Linux. You can even use it to call to a TV!

Another major benefit is the availability of group calls, with a video feature. Conference calls and others are therefore not a problem. If you know the person doesn’t have a Skype app, you can still call them, although this will cost you slightly. Nonetheless, the fee is often smaller than calling from mobile to mobile.

3. Facebook Messenger

Available: Android and iPhone

Facebook Messenger is perhaps more known for its instant messaging function, but you can also use it for calling. Its call function requires your call’s recipient to have Facebook Messenger installed as well, which is rather likely among a group of friends. The calls work rather well, but they do require a stable Internet connection.

4. Tango Messenger, Video & Calls 

Available: Android and iPhone

Back in the day, Tango used to be a more popular choice for free calling. Even though it has lost some of its popularity to apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, it’s still a decent calling app to download.

Similar to Skype, Tango comes with cross-platform support and you can use video chat and group messaging. The calling is free from one Tango user to another. As an additional bonus, the app has built-in games, which you can play with friends.

5. Line

Available: Android and iPhone

The Line app is another popular calling app with over 400 million users worldwide. The app supports free calls between Line users and you are also able to send instant messages, including group messages, with the app. The application does also support calling to phones that don’t have the app installed, but this does incur a small fee. As an additional feature, Line creates a fun timeline of your day, which can make this a great app for someone in the business world.

6. Viber

Available: Android and iPhone

Viber is among the newest apps on the list and it has rather quickly made a splash in the free calling market. The application has plenty of users around the world and its cross-platform support makes it a handy app. Like most of the other apps on this list, Viber is free when you make calls to other Viber users.

The app definitely benefits from a simple interface. It’s perhaps among the easiest apps to use and generally functions rather well. You can also send instant messages, stickers and audio messages through the app.

As the list shows, most free calling apps require both parties to use the app in order for you to reap the benefits. Therefore, you want to check with friends and family, which services they are using and perhaps even download a few of these options on your smartphone. But remember that even if the apps include a small calling fee, it can often be cheaper than calling from a landline or the mobile itself.


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