Free Data Backup Offerings for iPhone Users

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The smartphone is one of the most valuable tools in the hands of modern humans. To most of us, their phone is everything. It stores all manner of personal and business data. Also, phones contain sensitive details whose loss can cause much harm to individuals. Can you imagine losing your bank account PIN, contact details, and other sensitive data because you lost your iPhone? Most people’s lives could grind to a halt if they lost their iPhones without any backup.

Fortunately, free online data storage is one of the best options for keeping your valuable details. Moreover, iPhone users can access free backup solutions to meet their different backup needs. For instance, they can use them to store their photos and other content. So, do you love free online storage? If you do, here is our collection of the best options (visit website for more information).

Google Photos

Photos are great memories for all of us. Therefore, you have every reason to protect their loss. With Google Photos, you have no reason to lose your precious memories. Instead, you only need to download and install the app and then connect it to your Google account. If you don’t mind accessing them in a slightly lesser quality, you can get almost unlimited storage space for your pics and videos. Moreover, it backs up photos in your iPhone quietly in the background.



Dropbox is another great option for iPhone users who love storage freebies. Also, it’s a great tool for file syncing and collaboration. It’s also easy to back up your photos here. However, its free edition is limited to a mere 2 GB. This app creates automatic backups for your iPhone data. Also, it automatically syncs your photos between your iPhone and desktop or other external storage media.



iPhone users have an in-house solution to back up their data. iCloud offers iPhone users free storage for their different media and files. With this tool, you can’t lose your data. Moreover, you can upgrade to enjoy a 200 GB storage space for a mere $2.99 per month if you feel the free storage isn’t sufficient.


Google Drive/One

Google also offers iPhone users free storage for all their different media files. Recently, it rebranded its Drive to Google One to show users that they only need one platform to share space between their photos, documents, and email addresses. Moreover, it’s faster backing up your documents here. It offers users generous free storage of up to 15 GB. If you outgrow your free space, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription of $1.99 or 200 GB for $2.99.


Microsoft OneDrive

iPhone users can also take advantage of Microsoft OneDrive to boost their storage needs. If your free iCloud storage depletes, you can use this Drive to store your photos and other data before opting for a paid subscription. Microsoft’s storage option offers 5 GB of free space. Moreover, it works on all Apple devices. Thus, you can use if for your iPads and Macs too.



This app is one of the best options for iPhone users who want to enjoy something “mega” for free. Just as its name implies, it offers you a whopping 50 GB of free storage space. This space makes the meager 5 GB Apple provides a drop in the ocean. The cloud storage lets you share with your contact and even view their updates in real-time.

However, it’s best suited for careful users who don’t lose their passwords anyhow. The reason is that you could land in lots of problems if you lose your password because even Mega won’t be able to reset it. Consequently, you won’t access your files stored there. Thus, to avoid critical data losses, store your password carefully and safely.

Data loss for iPhone users in this generation is a lousy choice anyone can make. The reason is that the market offers many free storage tools to boost Apple’s limited cloud storage. You can access them from between 2 and 50 GB for all your increasing file storage needs. We hope you will use this information to choose the best one that suits your storage needs better.

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