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 Farming Games

For playing farm games for free, it doesn’t have to be summer outside. That’s the beauty of computer games – we always have the weather that makes for a good harvest. You’re sure to have plenty to keep you busy with farm simulator games.  What do I do to start in a farm game? The usual way, planting the seeds and watering them. The seedlings won’t be long in coming out and will soon be ready to bear their first fruit.

Do you want to play as a farmer? On Gametop you can see, that your wish come true, with the best free farming simulator games extremely realistic and impossible to resist. Grow vegetables and fruit, breed cows, pigs, and chickens, get to know the farming tools, and compete with other players to see who can gather the most crops. Farming game is a great thing to do every day. With Farming Game Top you can relax and take a break from the daily grind.


Pioneer Lands

Pioneer Lands is a Gametop strategy game set in a cartoon version of the Wild West. Chop down trees and gather resources from rocks so you can expand your homestead and venture out into the uncharted wilderness. Along the way, you’ll have to buy and sell at the general shop and make deals with the local Indian tribe. You will need to devise a complete strategy to survive on the limited resources available. Pioneer Lands Offers an unusual mixture of strategy and business simulation. The graphics in this game are polished and evoke memories. The only downside to Farm Game Top is that it is addictive and hard to tear yourself away from.


Jack of All Tribes

Jack of All Tribes is a legend in farming games. These farm games for free are done in good quality in the category of Simulators. This game is one of the best on Gametop. The puzzles are created in such a way that they can become not only fun but also useful and educational for you. Jack of All Tribes is a universal free farm game for adults and children of all ages. It’s intuitive, which makes the menu easy to navigate for almost any user. You will also love the look of the design and the interface. In the Farm game, you get to take on the role of the Chief of the whole tribe, but don’t be too frightened, because a lovely native woman will be helping you. Fun adventures await you in the Stone Age, managing a primitive tribe, picking up hidden objects to solve time warp puzzles and meeting with chiefs and shamans. Help a guy gain the trust of the locals and become the “Jack of all Tribes”!


Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love

Everyone needs love – no one would dispute that. So, the great and terrible Count Dracula himself couldn’t resist the temptation of falling for it and headed for a dating site, where he met an enchanting, but pushy princess, who drove the old vampire on the run. Help him escape Cupid’s arrows and get as far away from this all-consuming love as possible! You’ll need resources to successfully make your way through rubble, gaps and other obstacles. Some are just around the corner, others have to be cunningly and precisely calculated, as your supply of food and building materials is limited at the beginning and a single bad decision can lead to a mission failure. In some serious cases when the princess will be literally on your doorstep, Dracula will have to use magic elixirs to speed up, which can turn him into a bat or give him other incredible abilities.

The creators of this farm game offer you three levels of difficulty, bonuses, rewards, and more. After successfully rescuing Dracula in this collector’s edition, you’ll unlock another adventure that doesn’t need to be told – it needs to be seen!


Viking Saga

Viking Saga is a popular game on Gametop. Here you will find an interesting story with a thrilling ending. Set out on a journey around the ancient world in the name of love! In Viking Saga: The Stone of Destiny, you will once again play as the brave King Ingolf of the North!

Before he can marry his beloved Dalle, he must fulfill his father’s wish to find the legendary Stone of Kings. To find this giant diamond Ingolf will have to embark on a truly epic quest by land and sea. The quest will take the brave traveller to mysterious deserts, to the shores of mysterious lands in the East, as well as to the domain of the mighty Ice Troll.

The game is divided into 4 episodes, each with its unique challenges and features. Through 44 levels, you’ll be able to show off all your strategist skills to solve tricky logic puzzles and help Ingolf prove his love! Viking Saga has gained popularity among Farming Games Top due to its amazingly beautiful graphics, puzzle elements, and dynamic obstacles. You are sure to enjoy it. Download farm games for free.



The genre of FarmingCraft is a simulation game with strategy elements, and it is a new word in the casual simulation format. The main advantage of farming simulator games is the ability to pursue your goals in different ways, using various strategic and tactical solutions. It is also easy to get involved in the game, as everything is straightforward. Once you’ve downloaded these farm games, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the monitor for urgent calls, lunch and sleep.

The essence of the game is to help Martha. She needs to dig beds and plant a variety of vegetables and fruits. Sell the grown crops, you get money to buy better equipment for your farm, new seeds and sprouts to expand the farm, and hire workers. But farming isn’t just about gardening – it’s also about raising livestock. So you’ll also need to grow piglets, collect honey and build different buildings.

All you have to do is download the farm game category on Gametop and you can enjoy life with a thriving and prosperous village farm.


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