Free Play Days: Try These Xbox Games For Free

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Forza Horizon 5

Xbox enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting weekend treat as Xbox Free Play Days makes a triumphant return! Microsoft has once again curated a selection of captivating games that you can dive into without spending a dime this upcoming weekend. Among the titles up for grabs is the highly acclaimed open-world racing masterpiece, Forza Horizon 5, showcasing the pinnacle of virtual automotive experiences. But that’s not all; the lineup also features three other captivating gems that are bound to pique your interest: the atmospheric and challenging Blasphemous, the creatively engaging Let’s Build A Zoo, and the enchanting adventure of The Knight Witch.

As always, it’s important to note that to partake in this gaming bonanza, you’ll need either Xbox Live Gold or the ever-powerful Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. These subscription services open the doors to an array of gaming pleasures, and this Free Play Days event is no exception. The four featured games will be at your disposal to enjoy freely until the waning hours of Sunday, August 20th.

For those who find themselves enthralled by the experience and wish to continue the journey beyond the Free Play Days period, fret not, for there are some enticing options to consider. Delve into the haunting world of Blasphemous, currently available at an impressive 75% discount in the digital realm. Meanwhile, The Knight Witch awaits, with a tantalizing 33% off its usual price, beckoning you to uncover its mystical secrets.

And let’s not forget the dynamic duo of Forza Horizon 5 and Let’s Build A Zoo, both of which reside in the ever-expansive Xbox Game Pass library, granting subscribers continuous access to these gaming wonders even after the Free Play Days excitement comes to a close.

So, gear up, get ready, and mark your calendars for a weekend filled with gaming exploration, vehicular exhilaration, and the discovery of captivating worlds, all thanks to Xbox Free Play Days. Your digital adventures await!

Xbox Free Play Days – How To Download The Games

  1. Search for the game on the Xbox Store
  2. Hit the “Install, Included with Gold” or “Free Trial” button
  3. Play the game!

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