Free PS Plus Games For February BIOSHOCK: THE COLLECTION And THE SIMS 4 Are Coming!

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PS Plus Games For February

February will be awesome for PlayStation gamers. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get some really great games through February 2020. The two huge games headlining the month’s gifts are Bioshock: The Collection and The Sims 4. In addition to those two great games, PlayStation Plus is also giving out free games Firewall: Zero Hour, which is a PSVR game. So, PS players are getting an amazing collection this month because all three Bioshock games are in the collection, and there’s a bonus VR game.

All three games are remastered back to life in 1080p format. Whether in Rapture or Columbia, players will find amazing gaming sceneries in BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite. All games are great to play with amazing storylines and stunning graphics. All of the add-on content is available in the collection as well, and this award-winning game franchise is something you shouldn’t miss.

And then there is The Sims 4.

The Sims is celebrating 20 years of an alternative reality month in March. It is time to play The Sims 4. With no limitations in the alternate world, customize everything about your life, your perfect job, friends, and house.

You will work as a private contractor, players will engage themselves in a tactical shooter where units of four vie for control in VR. Developed exclusively for PS VR, Firewall: Zero Hour is an exceptional experience of VR gaming where teamwork is everything and fight is brutal. 

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