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If you are a slot lover, one of the greatest things you can have is free spins. You can play a few of the most exciting and greatest slots in online casinos if you have free spins. Also, free spin is a great way to improve your wins. All you have to do is to figure out how to correctly use them.

What Are Free Spins?

First and foremost, let us understand what free spins really are. Whenever you have free spins, it means that you could play a slot game for free. You can spin the slot’s reels without spending any cash. Online casinos typically offer their players at least 5 spins, for a complete list of free spins bonus, click here. However, the average number is around 10-20. Keep in mind that the reels’ combinations are always randomly given. It does not matter if you are playing bonus rounds or free spins.

How to Obtain Free Spins Using Casino Bonuses

  1. Casino Welcome Bonus

Whenever you sign up and make your deposit for the first time, a lot of online casinos give free spins. They also often give you a welcome deposit bonus. However, you need to keep in mind that some of those free spins are only valid for a certain game or games of the online casino’s choice.

  1. Special Casino Promotions

Whenever an online casino is operating a special promotion, there will be a chance that you can get your hands on free spins. For example, as one of its Daily Deals, CasinoEuro gives free spins every Friday.

  1. Game Bonus Features

As part of their bonus features, a lot of slot games give free spins. Whenever you hit a combination of symbols within the game’s base, these games will give you free spins as a reward. Oftentimes, these free spins go together with Multipliers that can improve significantly the final payout. But, you’ve got to utilize the free spins in that game, there and then. You cannot use those free spins for another time.

How to Choose Your Free Spins Slots

There are certain games that online casinos will offer you a free spin on. NetEnt’s Starburst is one of the most famous games for free spins. Since the game is fun, bright, and provides several excellent payouts whenever you hit the Expanding Wilds on the reels’ middle portion, this modified classic slot game is extremely well-known. Starburst from NetEnt has been a favorite of most players since its release and it is pretty obvious why it has that reputation. Other slots that you can play using your free spins are Immortal Romance, Thunderstruck II, Jurassic Park, and Book of Ra.

How to find Free Spins if you’re from another country?

Many slot machines are available in many languages, but it’s not the slot provider itself that decides whether or not you can play at a slot, but the license the casino that offers the slot has. There is the same kind of bonuses in other countries, for example, in Germany, it’s called Freispiele and in Spain, it is called “Tiradas Gratis”.

How to Effectively Utilize Free Spins

Play a slot game that has a higher minimum wage amount if your bankroll allows it. In several situations, the higher the minimum, the more spins are actually worth it. Meaning, your potential for winning will be much higher.

You need to ensure that you will choose a game with the ideal RTP (Return to Player). The more possibilities you have of getting a return on those free spins if the game has higher RTP. Always choose the one with the ideal RTP if you’ve got to choose between to slot games with the same spin value.

Also, you need to ensure that the Multipliers are throughout single spins and not multiple spins if you go for slots with Multiplier options. A slot game that has excellent Multiplier options throughout individual spins can provide you excellent rewards for your free spins.

Do not get too excited. Do not simply speed through every single one of your free spin at once. You have to take your time. This is especially true if you’ve been given a lot of free spins. Take a brief break and come back if you were not lucky with your first run. You should always be wary of your time frame and wisely utilize the time you’re given. Your free spins will be useless once it expires.


Free spins are excellent rewards. They can offer players a lot of fun. Be sure you choose your games wisely and utilize them to their full potential whenever you do get your free spins. This will help you maximize your winnings, aside from maximizing your fun.


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