Fresh Baguettes Vending Machine is a Thing From The Future

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Fresh Baguettes Vending Machine

Le Bread Xpress is a venture of Benoit Herve that can roll out a fresh French baguette whenever you feel like having one.

The micro-bakery has been installed at the Myriad, San Francisco and it churns out oven-fresh warm baguette 24/7.

Fresh Baguettes Vending Machine

Herve’s search for a truly great French baguette in San Francisco led him to create Le Bread Xpress. This bread vending machine was originally invented by a French baker. Herve made a few modification to the original design and came up with Le Bread Xpress.

The vending machine is loaded with partially baked loaves. The customers can pay via Android Pay or Apply Pay and enjoy a fresh loaf of French baguette whenever they feel like it.


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