Frogger Player Breaks World Record With More Than 1 Million Points

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Michael Smith who is a Software engineer surpassed his own earlier world record for Konami’s 1981 coin-op classic Frogger, a feat that involved maxing out the game’s score counter numerous times. His new score sits at a cozy1,356,520, handily topping his previous record of 970,440.

Smith’s new Frogger score was verified by Twin Galaxies, an organization committed to keeping video game records. His achievement was verified via the Twin Galaxies Submission and Adjudication Process (TGSAP), in which a record-setter can submit a video and have adjudicators vote to receive it into the record books if they feel it’s real, with votes from adjudicators with higher reputations being weighted more heavily. The record was accepted on March 1.

This feat makes Smith one of very few Frogger players to ever break one million. Pat Laffaye, who has also held the Frogger world record in the past, reportedly scored 1,029,990 on August 15, 2017, but he never formally submitted this score to Twin Galaxies.

“But wait! The Frogger score panel doesn’t even go up to a million!” As with a number of early arcade games, Frogger’s designers apparently never anticipated the astronomical scores some players might actually achieve in the brutally difficult game, and so there are only five digits in the score display. This means that the score effectively “rolls over” back to zero whenever a player surpasses 99,990 points. Smith maxed out the scoreboard 12 times during his record-shattering game, finally ending with a score of 56,520 displayed onscreen and 1.3 million points in the tank. The accomplishment also meant that Smith endured in the game on one credit, dodging cars and hopping across logs and lily pads for over seven hours.

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