FROZEN FLAME Is The Next Big Survival Game You Are Going To Love

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Ravenage Games and Dreamside Interactive have just released their limited-time demo for their new action RPG, Frozen Flame. Players will venture on a survival journey to eliminate the realm of intruding creatures. The game is currently in early access but it has been getting a lot of attention.

Starting off with the demo announcement during Steam’s Survival Fest, gamers will be able to download and play the demo until August 15th. Players will be able to try out the survival mechanics, letting them build their own fortress for themselves and their party. Ridding the world of destructive beasts will only be half the battle, as extreme weather conditions will also play a role in one’s survival.

Giving players the freedom to host servers and alter the rules of the game as they see fit will allow freedom and experimentation. Custom games are definitely a possibility and are motivated to give you the very challenge you are looking for

The landscape is also procedurally generated, delivering unique experiences amongst multiple play sessions and enabling multiple server activities. Add in a gorgeous vibrant fantasy art style and you have a proper survival contender.

Frozen Flame is available now on Steam Early Access for PC. Check out the limited-time demo before August 15th!

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