Fuel3D SCANIFY 3D Scanner Captures Scans Lightning Fast

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At CES 2015 this week Fuel3D has unveiled its new handheld SCANIFY 3D Scanner that is capable of capturing a 3D scan in just 1/10 of a second.

It is just not a lightning-fast 3D scanner that captures object scans, But the scans are also in high definition. The Fuel3D SCANIFY Handheld 3D Scanner is now available to purchase for $1,490 and provides features that other 3D scanners are just not capable of replicating say its designers.

The SCANIFY Handheld 3D Scanner System design by Fuel3D is the very first handheld point-and-shoot, color 3D scanner. That is capable of combining pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process files in seconds. Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D explains :

“When we set out to create SCANIFY, our goal was to democratize the 3D movement for consumers and, in particular, to allow for the personalization of their creations,”-“SCANIFY allows consumers to transform highly-complex subjects – such as the human face – into high-detail, full-color 3D scans as quickly as they could take a photo using a digital camera.”

Suitable for objects with:

– High surface textures: The scanner performs very well with non-reflective, highly textured objects, including natural and organic materials such as plants, skin, wood, and stone.
– Opaque materials: The scanner needs the scanning surface to be opaque as transparent surfaces permit the light to pass through and prevent accurate surface measurement.
– Smooth contours & curves: The scanner works best on surfaces with smooth flowing curves and contours, such as the human form.
– Medium-size: The scanner is optimized to work on subjects around 10 – 30 cm (4-12 inches) in size.
Not suitable for objects with:

– Geometric features: The scanner is not designed to capture geometric features with a flat surfaces and sharp corners which require high precision, as it will tend to smooth such features.
– Occlusions: The scanner can only image what it ‘sees’ from its viewpoint and cannot capture part of an object that is hidden behind another.
– Mono-color surfaces: The scanner is not designed to capture objects without variation in color or, which does not provide surface information for the scanner to work effectively.
– Protrusions & cavities: The scanner is not designed to scan objects with cavities, where parts of the surface can’t be seen from both cameras, or elements protruding into free space.
– Reflective surfaces: The scanner is not designed to capture, transparent or shiny objects, where light reflects or transmits through the surface and prevents accurate surface measurement.

For more information on the new SCANIFY Handheld 3D Scanner System jump over to the Fuel3D website for details and to order from today via the link below.



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