Fully Working Gun Out Of Lego

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Fully Working Gun Out Of Lego (2)

An Imgur sensation, RedTec has attempted many things from different angles to do Lego transformations. So, he knows a thing or two about it. Recently, he succeeded in his attempt to make a Lego Gun! And yes, it works perfectly too! It fires deadly plastic pellets at a hair-raising 5 Km/h towards the enemy and might do a good job rattling him than actually hurting him. According to the user, he first made a gun of this kind when his age was 15. But, it didn’t work quite well. So, after putting in quite a lot of work, he finally succeeded in creation of a smooth and a pretty robust Lego gun. It just took him 3 years that’s all!

Fully Working Gun Out Of Lego

Now that his masterpiece is complete, RedTec is actually putting it for sale. Interesting people can contact him at the social media platform and ask him for their favorite legos as he has a whole bunch of them. He has not disclosed the price, saying that people can make an offer for the gun according to what they think. He also goes on to mention that he is willing to make another one if the first one gets sold, another if the second gets sold and so on.


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