Fun And Cool Motion Activated Snack Dispenser

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Snack Dispenser

The CandyMan motion-activated dispenser is the fun alternative to messy candy bowls and too-big portions. Perfect for unwrapped candy, unsalted nuts, gumballs Wave your hand under the dispenser out pours your favorite treat

Three settings: Small Handful, Large Handful, Bowl

Easy-fill top with 12.5 cup capacity Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) or AC power adapter (sold separately)

Fun for families, perfect for the office. (How great would it be if you could take this to the movies?)  Just wave your hand under the dispenser, and the perfect amount of your favorite treat pours out. In no time, your countertop or desk will become a popular gathering place!

Helps prevent the spread of germs. The touch-free operation isn’t just fun-it’s a big improvement over germ-filled candy bowls, especially if you have kids around.

Buy it for only $79 from here.


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