Fun Games to Make Your Kids Write More

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When your kids are home and idle, there are ways to make them not forget about their books. Kids fail to remember fast, and they have to practice so that they stay on track. Some games make kids write and read more. The games help the kids to improve their writing skills before they go back to school. The games work in a powerful way making the kids concentrate without complaining. You can visit domyhomeworknow for great examples of homework papers for kids of all ages.

Kids concentrate more when they are having fun and laughing a lot. The moment your kids start using the games, they will not have time to watch television. They will want to spend most of their time writing and learning more. You can buy your kids as many pencils as you can because they will need them.


1. Exquisite Corpse

It is a game that people played way before. Every person at the table needs to have a paper. One person starts by writing a title, then passing it to the next individual. They have to write the first line of whatever title is in the paper. One person should fold it and move it to another individual so that they do not see what is inside. The next person has to write the next line and continue with the trend. After everyone puts down expressions, and the paper is full, unfolding can take place. That is the rule because the people will enjoy the funny lines in the writing material.


2. The List Game

It has some characteristics as an exquisite corpse. The game is more fun when played with a group of people. When you try it with a few people, you will not enjoy it that much. Each person needs to have a paper and write a title. They can go with whatever the group wants. After writing the heading, the material should go to the next person. The person has to write something that is in the category of the title. The blank sheet should go around until it is full of different answers. They have to make the game fun by making sure the paper is full of suggestions.


3. DIY Mad Libs

It is a game that will develop the part of speech. In this part, it is not about purchasing, but writing down in words. It is all about writing a story, but it should not exceed a page. The paper should have lines, and one should skip at least one line when writing. They can either be stories based on real-life or even stories that are fun to write about at that time. One has to erase other words and identify whether they are verbs, numbers, etc. Someone else can help in finding another term with the same meaning to fill the space. The story will be fun to read.


4. Magic Eight Hats

It is a game that answers all the questions leaving none unanswered. You can have a big piece of paper and cut it into smaller sizes then divide them equally and write answers on the other half. You can put them in a hat or a bag.

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