Funky Accessories To Make Your Pool More Fun This Summer

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Use the energy from the sun to clean your pool. With the Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer, you’ll be able to remove leaves, dust, organic material and debris from your pool while the sun shines bright in the sky. Since it works on solar energy, you can have this skimmer working all throughout the day.


One case made to keep your camera safe at the beach or pool. Whether you’re swimming, kayaking, skiing, fishing, sailing, snorkeling or diving, the WPS10 Waterproof Camera Case by DiCAPac is going to ensure your camera stays safe and secure all the time. It includes a PVC vinyl housing and is provided with a polycarbonate lens.


Playing golf on land will seem boring now once you enjoy a round on this Floating Aqua Golf Chipping Game. The set includes a floating putting green, 2 flags, a 1-foot x 2-foot hitting mat, and 12 hook and loop balls which will easily stick to the green.


Sutro helps pool & spa owners with everything from testing to the administration of chemicals. Sutro is a beautiful, self-contained smart device that floats in your pool or spa and monitors your water chemistry 24/7. The limited release Alpha customer program is underway. Control at your Fingertips.


Incase your pet still struggles to come out of the pool, the next accessory you could have for him is this Skamper Pet Pool Escape Ramp. Once set up using hardware and ropes on the side of the pool, this ramp is enough to let your dogs jump out of the water as and when they wish to.


Playing basketball with friends and family this summer becomes a tad easy and comfortable with the Pro Mini Hoop System by SKLZ. It has an adjustable height system that can be used both beside the pool or driveway.


The next big attraction on your relaxing days in the pool could be this Floating Water Hammock that’s got the ultimate design to keep you calm after strenuous hours at work. Using jet valve technology for quick inflation and deflation, the hammock is highly portable and durable at the same time.


Great for the beach, patio, cruises, pool, and camping.No more falling, sagging, wind-blown towels! Flamingo Towel Clips work on all lounge, deck, and beach chairs and keep your towels from falling, sagging, and blowing away.


For kids who want to play Marco Polo or who beg you to throw them over your shoulder in the pool, consider distracting them…er, entertaining them with the Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter.

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