FUSER Released a Free Update with New 24/7 Stage and a lot More

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Fuser is the new rhythm game from Harmonix and now they revealed a new update that is going to be free and it is called the Headliner Spotlight. The new update brings players a new Diamond Stage, Diamond Shop, and more. The Diamond Stage is a new venue for players to reach that is a real-time spotlight where hundreds of other Fuser players are your audience. Fans and gamers can watch the Diamond Stage 24/7 in-game as well as in the new Fuser Twitch channel.

The Diamond Shop provides you more customization options and items for your DJ and new tracks to drive into the mix. Diamonds are a new currency that players can earn through playing the game or voting and in addition to the earlier mentioned goods are the only way to reserve primetime time slots on the Diamond Stage. Players cannot use real-world money to get Diamonds.

The Headliner Spotlight brings a new social interface and a more robust Recommendation Engine. Fuser becomes more and more appealing, particularly with the new lower price of $39.99 for the Standard Edition. You can play Fuser on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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