Fusion X9 Aluminum Folding Bike by MOBIC

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Fusion X9 Aluminum Folding Bike by MOBIC.

MOBIC Fusion X9 is an all aluminum frame folding bike designed for those that want to ride faster and lighter. It incorporates their industry leading innovative “Click-n-Lock” folding technology that allows you to quickly fold the Fusion X9 in about 10 seconds. This allows riders to easily and quickly fold prior to getting on a train, subway or bus. Lightweight, comfort and smart looks were on the top of their list when we designed the MOBIC Life series.

Designed to Ride Faster, Lighter: The MOBIC Fusion X9 is designed for riders who enjoys speed without sacrificing the convenience of a folding bike, it is ready for any type of commute or any weekend rides. They wanted most importantly that riders to enjoy their commute. This way they will experience the fun of riding a MOBIC not just to and from work or school but also for health and leisure.

Click-n-Lock Technology: The MOBIC Fusion X9 folding bikes comes with MOBIC’s new innovative “Click-n-Lock” folding technology. Not only does it allows the bike to fold/unfold quickly under 10sec, it also improves the structural integrity of the folding frame and the folding handle post. When unfolding the Fusion X9’s frame and handle post, you will hear a click that indicates the frame and handle post has been fully extended and locked in place. Then by pushing the locking lever in place, this further tightens and strengthens the folding connector that further reduces frame flex and ensures the safety of MOBIC riders when riding their bikes.

Brand Name Components: The MOBIC Fusion X9 is equipped with brand name components such as SRAM 9-speed grip shifter + derailleur and Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes. It also comes standard with a Lasco 52T Crankgear Kit with CNC chainguard + aluminum forged crankarms for faster speeds and durability. Last but not least your MOBIC Fusion X9 comes with high pressure, low resistance Schwalbe performance tires to not only spin faster and prevent punctures.

While traveling to Europe and Asia,MOBIC’s founder realized that here in the US we weren’t taking full advantage of our bicycles and that we should incorporate a bike into our daily lifestyles. The way to do this is to include a bike that folds and allows people to bring with them everywhere they go. This includes going to work, school, running errands or just out having fun. The concept and idea motivated us to design a lightweight and easy to ride folding bike that makes riding fun. Living in today’s urban environment requires a smart use of space. Being able to bring a bike with you in you car, when you ride a train or bus, it’s all about mobility. Just like your cell phone which you bring with you at all times. A bicycle should be similar to your cell phone so you can enjoy the use where ever you go. Now that is maximizing the use of your investment. And this is why they created MOBIC, which stands for “mobile bicycle”.

Fusion X9 Aluminum Folding Bike by MOBIC.


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