Futuristic Racing Game 22 RACING SERIES Out In Early Access!

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Developers GOATi Entertainment releases a futuristic, real-time physics-based racing game. The developers are veterans of classic games such as LA Noire, Darkness 2, Darksiders 2, and Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and have released their newest title 22 Racing Series into Steam Early Access!

Enter a high-speed era 100 years from now, and play the physics-based racing action over, under, and around 360-degree tracks! With modes such as time trials, circuit mode, elimination rounds, point-to-point racing, and a capture-the-flag-inspired-in-depth Sector Capture mode. Collect resources and perform mid-race vehicle upgrades at break-neck speeds with custom vehicle tuning and in-depth modifications. Also included is an intricate track creator to make your own mind-whirling maps.

Check out the trailer below, 22 Racing Series is in Steam Early Access now.

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