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Renegade Game Studios has taken the veil off their upcoming project that’s bound to excite both tabletop enthusiasts and fans of the iconic G.I. Joe franchise. The revelation comes in the form of “G.I. Joe: Battle for the Arctic Circle,” an innovative game powered by the Axis & Allies game engine. In this captivating venture, players will find themselves immersed in a gripping struggle, choosing sides between the heroic G.I. Joe team and the menacing Cobra, all vying for supremacy over the Arctic Circle. The stakes couldn’t be higher, as the significance of controlling this icy expanse unfolds.

The game’s allure is heightened by the inclusion of an impressive collection of over 110 meticulously crafted figures. Among these are fan-favorite vehicles and characters like the Snow Cat, W.O.L.F., Skystriker, and Rattler. These iconic pieces serve as pawns on the strategic battleground, each with its own distinct role to play in the overarching narrative. However, what sets this game apart are the novel strategic avenues commanders can explore. The introduction of gameplay elements such as the Weather Dominator introduces a layer of tactical complexity, enabling players to manipulate the environment. For instance, freezing the sea to create barriers or forming strategic land bridges opens up possibilities beyond the traditional confines of board games.

Enthusiasts of this thrilling universe can mark their calendars for 2024, the anticipated year for deploying their troops and diving headlong into this immersive experience. Scott Gaeta, the president and publisher at Renegade Game Studios, conveyed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “G.I. Joe was the perfect fit for our new line of games powered by Axis & Allies. Now fans of wargames and the world’s ultimate fighting force can come together for an epic experience.”

Renegade Game Studios is also making waves with another noteworthy addition to their lineup – “Transformers Robo Rally.” This ingenious blend brings together the time-tested mechanics of Robo Rally with the beloved Transformers universe. Players will engage with classic Robo Rally gameplay, garnished with the presence of iconic characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron. The gameplay is elevated as participants are granted the choice of six distinct Transformers robots, each boasting unique upgrades that confer strategic advantages and forge individual identities.

In the heat of the race, these Transformers robots gracefully shift between their robotic and alternate vehicle forms, a transformation integral to maneuvering through the intricate mazes of the game boards. Speaking of game boards, the offering includes four brand-new, double-sided boards showcasing the urban and desert landscapes of Velocitron, a setting that adds visual diversity and complexity to the gameplay.

Scott Gaeta’s enthusiasm is palpable as he mentions, “What a perfect fit! We knew we wanted to do a Transformers racing game and the stars aligned with Robo Rally! Now Transformers fans can compete on Velocitron in a game fueled by Richard Garfield’s original Robo Rally design with additional design by the Renegade R&D team.”

Bradley Bowman, Senior Licensing Director of Global Toy and Game at Hasbro, chimed in, expressing excitement over this innovative merging of classic tabletop strategy games with the rich storytelling of G.I. Joe and Transformers. Renegade Game Studios’ imaginative collaborations showcase a genuine celebration of the spirit of action and adventure embodied by these iconic brands. It’s an endeavor that’s poised to delight fans of both franchises and tabletop gaming aficionados alike.

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