Gadgets and Accessories for Underwater Photography

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Whether you are a professional photographer or just an enthusiast, once you conquer landscapes you may feel compelled to explore further. Underwater photography, challenging as it is, has enabled us to take a glimpse into a world of fish, corals, and crustaceans. It has also provided us with cool vacation pictures. In any case, this type of photography demands preparation and investment in certain gadgets that can prove useful when you go under the sea. Here is a list of the selected few.

waterproof backpack


First thing’s first – you need a good waterproof backpack that will keep your sensitive equipment dry and safe from damage caused by water when you’re on a boat or camping on the shore. Some of the new models can even float, so your equipment is not only safe from water, but there is no danger it will sink if it goes overboard.

Storage capacity and padding are on shoulder straps and back are a couple of other things you shouldn’t disregard when picking a waterproof backpack. You have to be sure the backpack will be able to carry all the necessary equipment, and since you’ll be the one carrying all that around make sure it rests comfortably on your shoulders.

Sea Scooter

Sea Scooter

If you are willing to take your underwater adventure deeper, you should think about a sea scooter. Although these are usually intended for serious underwater exploration, and thus expensive, there are several models that are affordable. These cheaper models are not meant for professional explorers and cave divers since they can’t take you that deep. However, if you are an enthusiast who wants to try underwater photography, these cheaper sea scooters could be an excellent way to start.

Those who are enjoying the tranquility of underwater experience should factor in the noise scooters make. It may disturb you a little until you get used to it. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be afraid this will ruin your photos of wildlife. Experienced divers have confirmed that in most cases aquatic creatures do not pay much attention to your loud scooter.

Waterproof Camera

The story about underwater photography wouldn’t be complete without mentioning waterproof cameras. On the market, you can find many types of underwater cameras, such as the Olympus Tough series, made for those who would like to capture the magnificent underwater scenery. Bear in mind that apart from waterproofing, you should always check how deep your camera can go and what is the lowest temperature it can withstand.

waterproof Hands-Free Camera Goggles

Hands-Free Camera Goggles

If you find diving and holding your camera at the same time too tiring, you can try hands-free camera goggles. They can enable you to record your experience from your point of view. As it was the case with underwater cameras, you should check various features to ensure you are buying the product that suits your needs. These features include anti-fog coating, protection against freezing, UV protection, and battery life.

Apart from these, you should, of course, check the quality of image and recordings, as well as more practical stuff, like controls. You should be able to start and stop recording in a way that does not interfere with your diving.

water proof MP3 Player

MP3 Player

Many people enjoy the silence of the underwater world, and this can be the main reason why they go diving or snorkeling. However, some people can’t go without their music. If you are one of those people, you should include a waterproof MP3 player in your underwater gadgets. Unfortunately, most models today are restricted in terms of how deep they can go. Furthermore, in order to stay compact and light, they usually don’t have large storage spaces, so you shouldn’t expect to bring the entire discographies when you go snorkeling.

The solution for storage can come in the form of waterproof cases for your phone. Most of us use our phones to listen to music anyway, so with a waterproof case and a pair of waterproof headphones you can have more space for music at your disposal. However, this solution is also reserved for smaller depths, so it is more suited for a relaxing time by the pool than to underwater exploration.


Having reviewed just a small group of waterproof gadgets, you can easily see that we are living in an exciting moment. Underwater photography, which was once reserved only for people with deeper pockets, now becomes more accessible even for an enthusiast. Furthermore, even if taking photos underwater still demands preparation, with new gadgets being developed every day, we can expect that this will become even easier in the future.


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