Gadgets For Pets

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By using the magnificent combination of Global Positioning Satellites and breakthrough cellular technology, WhistleGPS makes sure you never lose your pets from sight. A small and lightweight pet tracker can monitor your pet’s activity and location perfectly once attached to their collars. With long battery life, it is one of the most economic pet tracking solutions you can find in the market today.


Have a 360 degree hassle-free access while bathing and drying your pets on this brand new booster Bath Elevated Dog Wash Tub. It is a two-piece quick-snap tub which makes the exercise of bathing pets super easy and comfortable at the same time. The drain hose assures proper drainage and thus keeps you free from getting drenched yourself.


This Electronic Pet Door is an advanced and motorized per door activated by an ultrasonic pet collar. It’s fully automatic, and the deadbolt locking system keeps your door locked and secure as Fort Knox until your dog or cat decides it’s time to go out or come back home. If Fido is just sauntering by the door, it won’t open. Your pet needs to come towards the door from the front, and not from the sides.


The Dog Car Seat Saver from Filson is made from 100 percent cotton dry finish antique tin cloth. It saves the back seat from being ravaged by one or more frolicking pets. They sit on it and bite, tear, paw and slobber all over the seat. If they’re not properly trained to go in the outdoors, the seat may also be subjected to some leg raising episodes.


These Shark Pet Beds from ThinkGeek are made using Japanese nanotechnology to provide maximum fun and minimum fuss. It’s not exactly Dr. Evil’s shark with “frickin’ laser beams” on its head. But there’s still plenty of shock value when you see a small dog or cat in a shark’s mouth, with a menacing set of teeth about to bite off your pet’s head. The best part is that the shark bed fabric incorporates self-cleaning technology that absorbs pet odor and all the bacteria.


It’s a pity that only Chihuahuas in Beverly Hills have their own doggie swimming pools to help them stay cool when the mercury hits the charts. But now even you can afford a pool for Fido. We’re talking about the Bone Pool, which is a nice little bone-shaped pool for dogs to wallow around in when the going gets hot. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, you can use it too, but it’s a one dog pool so the two of you may have to duke it out over who gets to use the pool.


If you want to stop Fido from trying to rip through the back seat to join you in front while you’re driving, then you need the Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier. It’s a stylish cloth barrier attached to the back of the front seats. It blocks the opening between the seats and ensures that you won’t have a dog slobbering all over you from the back.


Get this pet sofa bed, and you’ll soon go green with envy as your pets ignore you and lounge around all day on the rich faux leather. It’s as good, if not better than a cozy nap in your lap or at your feet. This is a designer product with a svelte and classy look that will match your indoor décor.

gadgets for pets

Personalized Wall-Mount Pet Feeder. Mount this handsome feeding station to the wall and your pet will enjoy better digestion while you enjoy less mess! Personalize the elegant scroll design with your pet’s name for a unique and decorative solution.



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