Gadgets Provide The Bridge In Motoring’s Automation Gap

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Ghost Locomotion

Automation is one of the biggest overarching goals of innovation in the auto industry, yet developed in the field has been subdued for the past two years. Engineering mag Popular Mechanics has noted the non-movement of Class 5 automation tech in the car industry, widely accepted to be the ultimate goal of automation tech. Through this slump in manufacturer, development has come a slew of new start-up technologies and gadgets which are bringing automation to today’s drivers – regardless of the vehicle.


Leading the pack

One of the leading products in this trend of car tech innovators is Ghost Locomotion, who are, according to TechCrunch, actively looking for customers willing to retrofit their vehicles with their technology. While a price has not yet been set, the company has promised to beat similar tech from market leaders, Tesla. The huge benefit here is clearly the use of older vehicles. Those looking to get on the road with the latest technology will be able to buy a new or used vehicle of any rating and be able to get the most out of the technology. Rather than the tech revolution being limited to the most successful and wealthy, anyone will be able to benefit. While not ‘type 5’ total automation, this brings many of the current benefits of modern electric vehicle systems.


Workday while driving

A big benefit of public transport is the productivity you can gain from it. Driving is a necessary evil, but it’s also a serious drain of time; according to the US Department of Transportation Volpe Center, drivers will lose 365 hours every year – and that’s just on average. Tackling this is the growth of personal assistant integration into the car, something that’s a key part of how automation is geared towards freeing people up. Automotive giants including Audi are developing relevant technologies, such as it’s PIA platform, that will integrate the home with the vehicle.


Moving back to design

There are indications that automated car designs are starting to be focused on once again. The Independent, a UK-based paper, reports that Tesla robotic cabs will soon be on the streets. Again, these vehicles don’t promise to be fully-automated, but will rather combine several key gadgets; robotic advisers, locational and positioning systems, and AI/smart integration.

Automated cars remain on the horizon, but have been stymied by a lack of interest. In their place, handy gadgets from big auto companies and start-ups alike are making up the distance. For technologically savvy drivers, this is providing a way to make their vehicle a high-tech tool.


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