GALAHAD 3093 Enters Early Access on Steam

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Simutronics has released their mech shooting game GALAHAD 3093 into Steam Early Access. PC gamers can enjoy the new game for $24.99 although you can get a 15% launch discount if you buy it before September 8.

The game looks cool with inspiration from Arthurian legend in great epic mech arenas! In GALAHAD 3093, you can design your own custom Lance to fit your playstyle. With 23 weapon systems, 148 variants, and 500+ modules, there is an insane number of options.

You’ll get to pick from 8 Knights, each equipped with skills that will help you turn the wave of a fight. For example, Arthur calls down orbital strikes, Gwen projects a Royal Dome to act as a shield, and more. The 7 arenas feature dynamic and game-changing events that will need you to adapt your strategies like a big desert sandworm or a comet strike.

Talking about the beta experiences and more for GALAHAD 3093, Simutronics CEO David Whatley said:

We learned so much from fans during our beta sessions, and we’re eager for a wider audience to experience GALAHAD 3093. Even though it is a complete gameplay experience now, this is a great opportunity for fans to help shape Early Access development of new features, such as clans and private matches. We will work toward our global launch and build the future of mech warfare together.

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