Gambling Among Football Advertisement

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The presence of a gambling company’s name on a footballer’s t-shirts during a match is one of the recent forms of advertisement gambling companies are using to reach out to a wider market.  The vice which is highly practiced in the UK has greatly reduced the advertising pressure experienced on televisions as different brands compete for one platform making the adverts just too many for one to select. Great thanks to the Gambling Act that made it legal for gambling companies to sponsor football clubs or competitions.


Gambling advertisement provided by Football Clubs

Many football clubs in Europe have been generous enough to provide a rare opportunity for gambling clubs to freely advertise their companies using their sports outfit. This which comes in the form of sponsorship has made the relationship between gambling companies and football clubs extensively grow hence capturing a wider market. Football has a huge number of fans compared to gambling globally, this tells us that information among fans can easily spread and capture a wider scope. Recent statistics have revealed that almost half of the teams in the English Premier League have a logo of a bookmaker on their shirts. 

Extensive advertisement is realized during the match as most gambling companies will pitch tents around the stadiums promoting ad advertising their brand. Among the activities identified around the stadium during the match include the provision of matchday betting services, the presence of a fully branded betting kiosk and numerous advertisements on the match day. This will definitely make fans familiarize more with the gambling company and its products hence effective marketing. Recently we saw Wayne Rooney’s t-shirt in his new signing with Derby County having the logo of the Online Casino 32 Red who is the club’s sponsors. This will enable many gambling Companies to penetrate easily in the market and sell their products and services in a more effective manner.


Voluntary Gambling Ban During Live Sports

Although the vice has been of great importance to both the football club and the gambling companies, there has been an increased outcry by other football clubs, especially on the match days. Most of the fans who get attracted to the gambling products have shifted their focus and have turned to gamble leaving the football club with few fans for the game. 

This is one reason that has resulted in the increased campaign against these forms of advertisements making some clubs take a stand against gambling sponsorship of shirts. It was made in order to highlight gambling-related harm as the self-exclusion system is not effective enough to beat betting not on Gamstop sites available for Brits and international customers. Apart from this, there is little control over who should engage or associate with gambling products in this form of gambling hence making the children more vulnerable than any other group of people. 

Some of the bookmakers have failed to honor the licensing agreement thereby allowing children in gambling grounds and advertising products to them which is against the law. All these together have resulted in a voluntary gambling ban campaign against such gambling companies. The ban has been initiated as a measure to control the increased rates of problem gamblers among citizens and reduce the effect of gambling addiction. Other football clubs have gone into the campaign and initiated a different style, here instead of a logo the clubs have agreed to wear their shirts with a live logo to warn about the dangers of gambling addiction.


Is Ban Effective?

The ban may not be that effective as sponsorship has much to offer compared to other forms of advertising. Apart from the vice which has been widely practiced among many football nations has worked tremendously well with the gambling companies receiving many new faces of new fans and followers. Instead of the ban other control measures can be enhanced to control a few mistakes that may result in different misconducts.



This is among the best advertisement schemes available for gambling companies that can expose their prowess to greater heights in the quest of marketing their products effectively across markets. The vice needs to be controlled in a way to restrict harmful information from reaching the most vulnerable groups. 


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