Game Boy Lost Add-On Called the WorkBoy, Found After 28 Years

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Check out this lost and unreleased Game Boy add-on known as the WorkBoy and now it has been discovered after 28 years and shows an accessory that could have given the gadget PDA-like functions like an address book, calculator, appointment book, and a lot more to Nintendo’s famous handheld device.

Video game historian Liam Robertson revealed his quest to find out what really happened to this awesome add-on in a new Game History Secrets video on DidYouKnowGaming? and, he just not track down the original creators behind the WorkBoy to know more about the story behind it and why it was never released, he got the only working prototype in the world.

The WorkBoy was a keyboard that is going to connect to the Game Boy via Link Cable and would allow you to take advantage of 12 apps, which include an address/phone book and appointment book.

The WorkBoy was going to be an officially licensed accessory for the Game Boy that was designed by Source Research and Development and produced by Fabtek Inc. in collaboration with Nintendo.

In January 1992, WorkBoy was trademarked by Nintendo of America and even revealed at CES 1992. It was listed by multiple outlets, but following a small swell in coverage, it vanished.

Robertson was able to find Eddie Gill, the architect of the WorkBoy and the founder of Source Research and Development, and he talked about how the WorkBoy was originally designed on being released in late 1992 or early 1993 for $79-$89 USD, but many issues didn’t let it come to the market and to in our hands.

Gill said there were only two WorkBoy prototypes in the world that he knew about, and he said that one was probably “deep in the vaults of Nintendo,” while the other was with Frank Ballouz, who is the founder of Fabtek.


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