Game-Changing Texas Chain Saw Massacre Patch Hits Xbox Game Pass Slasher

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The team behind The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has just announced a brand-new patch for its Xbox Game Pass title, following a recent player milestone. This particular update contains several balance changes and some general bug fixes for the asymmetric horror title.

We’ll drop the full patch notes for this Texas Chain Saw Massacre update down below – which is set to go live today on Xbox and PC at roughly 11 a.m. PT / 2 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. BST.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Hitchhiker Trap Exploit

  • Fixed an exploit where Hitchhiker players could use his trap to pass through walls and doors.

Fixed: Hitchhiker Trap Interaction Issues

  • We’ve resolved an issue where Victims would be unable to interact with gaps, crawl spaces, and other elements after stepping in a Hitchhiker Trap.

Fixed: Johnny and Sissy Lunge

  • Johnny and Sissy both had a lunge that was greater than other Family members.
  • We’ve adjusted this to be more in line with the rest of the Family members.
  • This should also correct the Johnny build we’re seeing used in public matches.

Fixed: Brightness Cheat

  • Fixed an issue that would allow PC users to adjust their in-game brightness outside of accepted levels by editing game files.

Gameplay Changes

Changed: Hitchhiker Traps at Ladder Exits

  • We have adjusted the area at the top of a ladder where the Hitchhiker can place a trap.
  • This still allows for strategic play but will give Victims an opportunity to counter the trap.

Changed: Fusebox Reset

  • The Family can now turn the fusebox off after a Victim turns it on.
  • There is a cooldown applied to the switch, similar to generators and car batteries.

Changed: Family Stun Immunity

  • Family now has a 10-second stun immunity period after an initial stun ends.
  • There is NO stun immunity after a Family member is stunned by a Victim bursting out of a hiding place.
  • If you attempt to stun a Family member who has immunity, you will not see the prompt for Leland’s ability or a backstab.
  • If you attempt to stun a Family member who has immunity with a door slam, it will have no effect.
  • Close Encounters all vary in duration due to the individual Family members having different stun recovery times; therefore, the immunity period is different for each.

Balance Tweaks

Tuned: Tae Kwan Door Perk Levels Reduced

  • Level 1: 5 Seconds Stun Duration
  • Level 2: 6 Seconds Stun Duration
  • Level 3: 8 Seconds Stun Duration

Tuned: Agitator Perk Levels Reduced

  • Level 1: 1.5 Level Family Bond Reduction
  • Level 2: 2 Level Family Bond Reduction
  • Level 3: 2.5 Level Family Bond Reduction

Tuned: Stealth Performance in Minigames

  • We have adjusted the amount of noise generated in gathering minigames when at full Stealth.

Tuned: Leland Ability Stun Duration

  • We have adjusted the stun duration upgrades for Leland’s Life Saver ability.

These changes should enhance the gameplay experience and provide a fairer and more balanced environment for players in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Enjoy the updated game!

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