Game Devs Revealed How Bad Early Game Builds Look After Internet Cries About GTA 6’s Visuals

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The GTA 6 leaks have gotten a few souls in a stir about the in-development game’s graphical fidelity. Otherwise reasonable people look at leaked gameplay footage from a project that won’t be completed for years, see the placeholder barks and Ken-doll textures, and conclude that, well, obviously this is representative of the final version of the game.

Early builds tend to look rough, and to prove the point, developers have been posting screenshots and videos of some of the greatest and most stunning games around in their earliest, ugliest stages of development. Take, for example, this video of an early build of Control shared by the game’s lead designer:

It’s a glimpse into an aspect of game design that we don’t often see. If game marketing had its way, we might all believe that video games were given by storks, fully-formed and flawless. The fact that games, with very few exceptions, spend a vast of their development time on the verge of catching fire might destroy the magic.

The meme train keeps on rolling, and more and more devs are revealing their messy early builds as time goes on and momentum builds. If you choose to keep track, you can check out this thread on Resetera that’s trying to collate them all. Here are some examples:

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