Game On: Unlocking the Power of Gaming Routers for Competitive Play

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The online gaming world is fascinating and thrilling too, and the experience becomes all the more mesmerizing if you have the right accessories for support. As the name suggests, online gaming needs a stable Internet connection for players to move smoothly and efficiently.

This is where the gaming router comes into the picture and is necessary for competitive play. After all, it would take a more robust router that can allow you to play efficiently against other solid international players. 

The need remains to unlock the power of these gaming routers to get the most out of them when you are playing online. This is why the market is swarming with all kinds of brands 

offering gaming routers with different features. 


Guide to Unlocking the Power of Gaming Routers For Perfect Play

Getting the most affordable gaming routers which can help users add efficiency and power to their online gaming experience is the need of the hour. In addition, users also need to go through some tips that can increase the performance of their gaming routers. 

Let us walk through these tips that can lend a helping hand in unlocking the true potential of your gaming routers.


Make Use of Gigabit Ethernet Ports

When you want to use a gaming router, preferring an Ethernet port in place of a Wi-Fi connection is always recommended. The reason is that though many gamers believe that playing games on a strong Wi-Fi connection is usually good, it also slows down the speed and causes unnecessary delay.

Now, Gigabit Ethernet is able to handle speeds up to 1,000Mbps, with a perception that your internet connection would also be able to deliver that same speed. Also, if you possess multiple gaming systems, you can seek a gaming router having additional ports. This would reduce your need to purchase a switch separately.


Check Your Router Setup

Anyone who uses a router knows that the router placement plays an imperative role in managing its reach. The same goes for gaming routers as well. Thus, experts often advise placing the gaming router close to your game setup. The router should be set at a maximum of one room away from the gaming setup. 

As per technicians, a setup that is placed far away from the router is bound to suffer from disconnections and lower speed. However, there may be situations when it may not be possible to put the routers near your gaming setup. In this scenario, one can use powerline adapters, which use your building’s wiring setup.

The need remains to plug one of the adapters into the wall next to your router and another near your gaming device. The adapter would work like a LAN and assist in overcoming the speed latency caused due to the distance between the router and the device. 


Use Proper Modern Wi-Fi Standards

If you are uncomfortable with using Ethernet, it is advisable to use a router compatible with modern-day Wi-Fi standards. To check the standard the router is compatible with, check the back of the router. Most routers have a value written over them, such as AC2600 or AX1500. This value helps you get information about the router’s Wi-Fi standard and the maximum speed it supports. 

Though AC, also known as Wi-Fi 5, was ubiquitous in 2020, the new standard is AX, also known as Wi-Fi 6. Thus, it is advisable to know the Wi-Fi standard with which the router is compatible, and if there is an issue between the two, get a new router. 


Enable UPnP

A reliable tip to increase the power of your gaming router is to enable UPnP or Universal Plug-and-Play feature. This particular feature handles the port forwarding on your said gaming router. 

The feature helps streamline the gaming performance when the user is playing games and reduces the percentage of manual port manipulation needed. However, UPnP also allows extra traffic on your network, which can be hazardous. 


Updating Router Firmware is Essential

Another essential tip to improve the performance of your gaming router is to keep updating its firmware. The firmware updates ensure that new features get unlocked, the performance of your router is improved, and security loopholes are appropriately managed. 

Thus, it is again recommended to take some time and perform firmware updation occasionally. If your router cannot receive any firmware updates or is not supported, it is high time to get a new router. 


Take Help From MU-MIMO

MU-MIMO or Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output is again an essential feature that comes into being when your network is serving different types of devices. When multiple players are playing games, they ought to use high-bandwidth applications when they are playing games. 

Now, the router has to serve each divide individually. Still, with MU-MIMO, the router can set up mini-networks, enabling it to work with every device simultaneously without impacting your network’s speed or performance.

Gaming can be addictive, and what makes it more enjoyable is the high speed and thrill of competing with other gamers. This is where gaming routers come into the picture that can help you to get an edge over other players while gaming. 

The need remains to learn in detail about these routers and also get to know the tips and tricks that can help in unlocking their real power during gaming. So, read the tips above and make the most of your gaming router to play competitively. Happy gaming!

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